Unwanted hair removal with Kalo

In addition to No No hair removal , Kalo is a great product for unwanted hair removal that you might want to consider, take a look!

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Nisim International presents an herbal solution to the old painful problem of hair removal. Sold in over 30 countries, Kalo is a remarkable product that safely and effectively inhibits unwanted body hair from growing back permanently.

Introduced in 1997 after 5 years of testing, Kalo was the first product of its kind to be released on the market. Kalo contains herbal actives especially formulated to neutralize the development of a hair shaft when properly applied to an open follicle. Best achieved through professional waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, or laser hair removal.

The sulphur reducers start working right away to weaken the root of the hair, and inhibit the hairs ability to regenerate. Sulphur is a necessary component in hair growth, and by interfering with the formation of sulphur, you are preventing the hair from growing.

After just a series of applications, you will never need to deal with unwanted hair again. We guarantee it, Kalo is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Simple and easy to use, Kalo is great for bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists, or anyone who wants a great looking hair free body. Kalo is effective on facial hair, back hair, leg hair, and even safe for sensitive private areas.

Kalo is the easy painless hair removal solution for men or for women. It’s simple to use, just apply the soothing Kalo lotion or spray after your regular hair removal method. Whether that’s electrolysis, waxing, tweezing, or laser hair removal. Apply 3 times the day of the hair removal, and 3 times the next day. Easy! There’s no need to use Kalo again until the next hair removal session.

When properly used, 10% of hair in a treated area will not grow back. Each time you use Kalo, the hair will come back finer, weaker, and slower until the hair is completely gone. Once the hair is gone, it is gone! You will never need to deal with waxing, tweezing, laser, or electrolysis again!

Kalo is also very effective at slowing the hair growth down when used after shaving, providing a soothing, cooling effect. You can dramatically reduce the frequency of shaving when Kalo is applied after each shave.

In addition, Kalo’s ingrown hair treatment is a standalone product designed to prevent and eliminate ingrown hair and shaving bumps. Our ingrown hair treatment softens the skin and exfoliates the affected area, allowing the ingrown hair to safely be released. Safe to use on the face and other sensitive areas, it works for all types of hair removal face rashes, and irritations.

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