Thermicon – the technology behind No No hair removal

How does No No hair removal work?

Nono hair removal is based on Thermicon technology, an exciting new concept in hair removal developed by Radiancy. Thermicon uses a patented thermodynamic wire to generate and transmit a gentle pulse of heat energy. When the wire touches the hair, the heat is transferred from the wire to the hair, which is then removed at the point of contact.

With consistent use over time, it is thought that No no hair removal disrupts cell communication to delay regrowth and cause a reduction in hair density.

Although they happen almost simultaneously, the Thermicon effect in No no hair removal can be broken down into 3 distinct processes:

1. First contact – during first contact the thermal signal is in its strongest state. This allows the thermodynamic wire on Nono hair removal to separate the hair shaft at the point of contact

2. Crystallization – crystallization occurs when the thermal signal from Nono hair removal touches the uppermost part of the hair shaft. Crystallization may temporarily leave course residual hair that may feel prickly to the touch.

3. Disruption – it is assumed that the signal creates a thermal effect that disrupts the cell communication between the bulb and the root. It has been recently theorized that this cell communication is essential to hair regrowth, and that by disrupting it, No No hair removal delays that regrowth and causes a reduction in hair density.

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