Rio home laser hair kit

Here’s another alternative to Nono hair removal, the Rio home laser hair kit (also called Salon laser).

We all dreamed for a long time of smooth and silky skin. Perhaps we have problem hairs we wish we could say goodbye to forever. But most hair removal systems force us to endure painful, messy, and sometimes risky processes, with results that are never perfect. All that is now a thing of the past!

What’s the worst part of your daily beauty regime?

“Waxing! Shaving, ouch! Having to repeatedly remove unwanted hair!”

If you could afford any salon treatment, what would it be?

“Laser hair removal, definitely. Getting laser hair removal on my lip. Getting my bikini line treated. Getting my problem hairs lasered”

Rio is the first to offer women laser hair removal in the home. No more expensive sessions at the beauty salon, from now on, this high tech method is available to everyone in the home!

Having clean, soft skin for yourself, for others, or for your partner, is the key to beauty, hygiene, and self confidence. For men, but especially for women. It’s often considered unclean or negligent for a woman to have hair in unwanted places.

Until now, you’ve had all the excuses not to be smooth every day. It costs a lot, it’s time consuming, and I have to do it too often. These are all a drag!. But now, you don’t have anymore excuses with the Rio home laser hair kit. Want smooth hairless skin? the Salon laser hair remover system lets you get there. Extremely effective, this totally safe and affordable system is now available to you. Bring the Salon laser hair removal home, and let it change your life!

To appreciate laser hair removal technology, it is important to understand how it works. The laser sends out a beam of light with the precision of a needle, to target the hair’s root. The skin itself is essentially transparent to this laser light. the hair however, contains menalin, which absorbs the energy of the laser, causing it to heat up rapidly, destroying the cells of the hair responsible for hair growth. In just 4 seconds, the treatment is complete.

Laser hair removal treatment is most effective during hair’s growth phase. To capture all the hairs in the growth phase, a number of setters are required. This is true if you’re having the treatment in the salon or at home. Laser hair removal was only possible with large, expensive machines costing thousands. This is all changing. With the Rio home laser hair kit, you are getting the same laser wavelength as used in expensive and professional machines. This is definitely a revolution!

Take a look at these before and after images, they are truly impressive! Ladies, forget about your unwanted lip hair, it’ll be ancient history! The Salon laser is really THE solution for all these problems. You can easily treat any unwanted hair on your body. Your hands, torso, facial hair, legs, knees, the hairs on your neck, underarms, bikini line, arms, shoulders, With the Rio Salon laser your unwanted hair problems will disappear!

With waxing you get 100% regrowth. With shaving you get 100% regrowth. With depilation you get 100% regrowth. Only laser hair removal gives permanent hair removal / reduction.

The Rio home laser hair kit Salon laser is about to shake your world! Loaded with some of the most advanced laser technology, this device will finally give you the smooth and soft skin you’ve longed for. Using it is like child’s play. Ideally, the targeted hair should be just above the skin’s surface. For long hairs or coarse hairs, shaving 1 or 2 days before treatment gives the best results. Avoid using any other hair removal products, otherwise the results won’t be as effective. Wax, tweezers, or creams should be banned.

This device is so easy to use! After setting the intensity according to your skin type, you just point the tip at the hair and press the button. Once the white light turns orange, you can go on to the next hair. This takes just 4 seconds. What could be easier?

“I had an embarrassing problem with facial hair, I had a mustache and I found this product and tried it. It was so easy to use on my face and now I have no more problems with facial hair. It’s a wonderful product, it’s so important for a woman to look her best, and now I feel confident!”

“In the past, I used to wax and shave my legs. I had irritation and discomfort. But since I bought the Rio home laser hair kit it’s been wonderful! No irritation, no redness, and my legs are smooth!”

“My leg hair is now just a bad memory!”

“The Salon laser has certainly changed my life, I’m hair free for every occasion, it’s wonderful, my husband certainly doesn’t complain either, and a lot of my friends are using it too and they’re very happy as well.”

The Rio home laser hair kit Salon laser puts laser hair removal into everyone’s hands!

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