Nono Hair Removal testimonial

Here’s another testimonial of No no hair removal from a very satisfied user

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The last time we checked in with Samantha West, the busy mom was raising her 2-year-old daughter Cameron, while running a senior care business out of her home. She admitted she had limited time to spend on herself, including shaving her legs.

“I definitely need something that’s fast and easy, and works”

Samantha agreed to try out the Nono hair removal system.

“The thermicon blade on the No no hair removal actually heats up and singes your leg hair, and you scroll it up your leg at a very slow pace and it actually burns the hair”

Ouch, sounds a little painful. But Samantha said No no hair removal didn’t hurt!

“It’s definitely a heat sensation, but it’s not any 3rd degree burn!”

Her only criticism, the Nono hair removal takes 30 minutes to do both legs.

“The nono hair removal , you have to use it every 3 days and then it reduces the hair amount over time”.

So did the no no hair removal system pay off in the long run? We asked Samantha to continue using the nono, fast forward 4 months later, and she’s a believer!

“Definitely a thumbs up, I will continue to use nono hair removal because I’ve gotten great results from it  I can go 2 weeks without shaving and it’s really good, no no hair removal has changed my life a lot!”

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