Nono Hair Removal Reviews

No longer self conscious

As opposed to razors which really just address the problem at the surface, they cut the hair off at the surface and you have that stubble growing back, nono hair removal really addresses the problem at the root. You just slide it over the skin, and what a lot of women are really amazed at is that it’s really painless. You just glide the nono across your skin, and none of the heat is transferred to your skin. It just zaps the hairs.

Impressed by research

As a medical doctor, what impresses me about nono is all the research and clinical studies that have been done to prove that it really does work. A more recent study shows that nono reduces hair up to 94% when used long term, and that’s pretty amazing in my opinion.

No more stubble

As opposed to a razor which just cuts the hair at the surface, and the hair grows back quickly as stubble which we can all feel, it’s rough, No no hair removal addresses the problem below the surface, it zaps the hair below the surface. And the result is that the hair grows back more slowly, less of it grows back, and what does grow back is very fine, so you have a smooth feel as opposed to a stubbly feel.

Laser not for everyone

Laser hair removal
is a choice for some people, it’s not for everyone. It targets pigment, that’s how it works is it’s attacking the pigment in the hair. So it only works on dark hair. If your hair is very light or blonde or grey, white, it’s not going to be very effective for you. Also if you have darker skin, you have to consider that your skin could be the target so there’s more of a safety concern with that type of hair removal. Nono hair removal on the other hand, is not targeting pigment, so it works on all hair colors and it’s safe on all skin colors.

Laser is also expensive

The process of professional laser hair removal can be effective for some women but it can be expensive, too expensive for some people. And there’s also the time involved because you have to come back for multiple treatments to get the effects. Whereas Nono works on all hair colors and it’s safe on all skin types.

Nono is color blind

So compared to laser hair removal, Nono is color blind. It is safe on all skin colors, it’s not going to necessarily going to hurt someone who has darker skin. And it’s effective on all hair colors, it’ll treat light hair as well as dark hair.

Nono hair removal saves you time

Hair regrows, so most of the techniques that people use to remove it such as shaving or waxing are time consuming, and they need to be repeated. Nono you use for a short period of time and the results are long term, you get long term hair reduction. So over time it actually saves you a lot of time.

No No now works on face

Facial hair is such a big issue for millions of women, they find it humiliating. So what a lot of women are gonna love about nono is that now you can use it on your face. There’s a new tip and you can use it for sideburns, chin hairs, lip hairs, and again there’s no pain involved.

No No smooth cream inhibits hair regrowth

What makes Nono so unique is now it’s a system. You have permanent hair reduction, and now you have a cream to complement that, No No Smooth, which studies have shows reduces hair regrowth up to 34%.

Comfortable recommending No No

As a harvard and Yale educated physician, one of the things that makes me very comfortable about talking about Nono is all the research and clinical trials that show that it really does work, and that’s why I feel confident recommending it to my patients.

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