Nono hair removal interview

No No Hair Removal

Here’s an interview I found for the No no hair removal system from the UK.  They talk about the benefits, ease of use, comparison to laser hair removal, and also briefly discuss the Thermicon technology behind Nono hair removal.

What would you say if I told you someday soon you could be removing your unwanted hair for the last time? Well Sonya Amaroso is here to tell us all about Nono hair removal, the exciting new breakthrough in long term hair removal.

No no hair removal with the thermicon technology is finally here, and it’s caused a sensation all around the world because it painlessly removes unwanted body hair, and get this, actually helps keep it from growing back!

So No No hair removal can offer professional results, but do you need to a professional to achieve these?

Well here’s the exciting thing, No No hair removal is an alternative to costly laser hair removal!

Nono hair removal is very cute too, I must say, No No Hair Removal  looks like a glamorous phone! Well it might look cute, but this little hair remover offers some very serious results!

Nono hair removal is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s not like an epilator that painfully rips the hair out of the skin, and it’s not like a razor that leaves you with nicks and cuts. Nono hair removal is the only technology in the world that will give you laser like results at home.

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Now I’ve heard that laser hair removal is painful, but you all said this is pain free?

Let me be clear, No no hair removal is not a laser, and it is completely pain free. While it gives laser like results, it’s actually a patented technology called Thermicon. Here’s how it works – as you glide Nono over the hair, the hot blade slices the hair off the surface. So it removes the hair, but that’s not the exciting part. At the same time, it sends a gentle pulse of heat right down the hair shaft to the root, slowing down the root’s ability to generate new hair. It’s so simple to use and the results get better and better over time!

Now Sonya, you have some great photos that really demonstrate this effect?

I certainly do, take a look at this photo, now you can see there’s probably 40 or 50 hairs here, and this could be any part of the body – legs, arms, bikini line, even underarms. Now look at what happened, this person used No no hair removal twice a week for 6 weeks. Well there’s certainly a lot less hair there, there’s really only about half the amount, and that’s after just 1 use. But look again, we asked this person to stop all hair removal treatments, including No no hair removal , for another 6 weeks and the hair still hasn’t grown back!

Is this scientifically proven? It sure is! Clinical studies have shown that hair regrowth is visibly reduced by up to 94% over 6 weeks of using Nono hair removal twice a week. Start now and just imagine how smooth you’ll look by summer! But the key is you must use it at least twice a week, more if possible, as the thermicon effect only works in a particular phase in the hair growth cycle.

Remember, it takes dedication to achieve long term results, so it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen! And unlike laser, anyone can use No no hair removal. Whether you’re fair, have dark hair, blonde hair, it doesn’t matter! This is such an incredible technology, Nono hair removal not only slows down hair regrowth, over time it actually helps keep it from growing back. At first for weeks, then months at a time. And with No No hair removal, whatever little hair grows back is often sparser, finer, and lighter.

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