No!No! hair removal infomercial from Australia

Here’s an infomercial for the Nono hair removal , dialog included if you don’t feel like watching…..and because I was bored!

This is actually an infomercial for the older model, but all of the great benefits they discuss here (plus more) still apply to the new improved No No model. If you want to read my personal review, click here.

Well let’s talk personal body care. Now we all know how shaving and waxing can be a time consuming and costly exercise, right? Well Sonya’s here to tell us about an exciting new breakthrough in long term hair removal, hi Sonya! Hi Ros, yes No no hair removal is finally here! It’s caused a sensation all over the world because it painlessly removes unwanted hair, and get this, actually helps keep it from growing back. Sounds great! So Sonya, I guess the big question for most people is can No!No! achieve professional results then? Well Ros, here’s the exciting thing, this product is an alternative to laser hair removal that you can use yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Sounds good, I have to say it’s one cute little hair removal tool, it’s quite glamorous. It is, and it may look cute, but it offers some very serious results. Make no mistake, No No is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s not like an epilady that just rips hair out of the skin (ouch!), it’s not like a razor that may leave you with nicks and cuts, and the hair grows back almost as soon as it’s gone. This technology is an alternative to laser hair removal as it can help reduce unwanted hair, and the great thing is that it can be used at home.

Now Sonya, you said that it’s a pain free process, right? Ros, let me be clear. No No is not a laser, and it is completely pain free. It’s actually a brand new patented technology called Thermicon. Here’s how it works, as you glide No!No! over the hair, the hot blades slice off the hair at the surface so it removes the hair, but that’s not the exciting part. At the same time, it sends a gentle pulse of heat right down the hair shaft to the root, slowing down the root’s ability to generate new hair. It’s so simple to use, and the results get better and better with time.

Yes in fact, and you’ve got some great photos here that demonstrate the effect. I certainly do, take a look at this first photo. Now you can see here, there’s probably 40, or even 50 hairs. Yeah, and I guess that could be any part of the body couldn’t it, legs, arms, bikini line. Yes, even the underarms. Now look at what happened. This person used No No twice a week for 6 weeks. Wow, there is certainly a lot less hair there! There’s really only about half the amount there, but look again, we asked this person to stop all hair removal treatments, including No!No!, for another 6 weeks, and the hair still hasn’t grown back. Wow, that is just incredible! I’d imagine this is scientifically proven? It certainly is, clinical studies have shown that hair regrowth is visibly reduced by up to 64 percent over 6 weeks of using No No twice a week. (this infomercial is actually referring to an older model, the new No No hair removal device boasts up to 94% less hair regrowth!)

Start now and just imagine how smooth you could look by summer. But the key is, you must use it at least twice per week, more if possible. As the thermicon effect only works in a very particular phase in the hair growth cycle. It’s the same with laser, that’s why you need to have more than 1 treatment. Remember, it takes dedication to achieve long term results. So it happens gradually then.

Right, what I want to know is, can anyone use the No No system? You can use No!No! no matter what your hair or skin color is, it even works on the blondest hair. This is such an incredible technology. No No not only slows down hair re-growth over time, it actually keep it from growing back, at first for weeks, then for months at a time. And what little hair does grow back is often finer, sparser, and lighter, and a lot of customers happily report that they hardly see any hair re-growth at all. Which sounds terrific!

Now Sonya, we all know that the cost of hair removal, no matter what sort of method you use, it adds up. So tell us, what does the No No hair removal system cost? Well it’s a lot less than what you would expect to pay for such a revolutionary new technology. In fact, it will cost you just 5 easy monthly payments of only (price is different now, plus there is a free trial) plus postage and handling. Just imagine how much you could potentially save over time. No more shavers, no more waxing, no more laser, just easy, pain free hair removal. And if you call right now, you’re also going to receive 5 bonus hot blades worth over $25, plus a buffer for a smooth finish, a storage pouch, and an instructional CD. Gee it sounds terrific, a huge package there too. New technology, which is great, pain free hair removal which sounds terrific. Thank you Sonya for coming in and sharing it with us. *more information about payments, shipping, and calling the My No No company*

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