NoNo Hair Removal in the news

Here’s a news story on the NoNo hair removal system. They also discuss some other skin care devices.

Fighting acne, age spots, and unwanted hair usually means trip after trip to your dermatologist’s office, but not anymore! Some brand new technology is erasing imperfections in the comfort of your own home. NBC 5’s Meridith Lan takes a look.

Turning back time without a minute spent at the doctor’s office. “If you’re able to have something like that at home, why not?” Amy Acklund used to spend hours getting facials. “Brown patches, like the whole face discolored”. Now, she does them at home with Radiancy’s light and heat treatment only used in medical offices until now. “You can easily just pull the procedure out, and take care of it”. Cyntia Powers struggles with acne. The Cleartouch light system replaces her traditional in office acne treatments. “Having something at home, convenience with the kids’ schedule really helps a lot”.

There’s also the NoNo hair removal device. Heat is pulsed down the hair shaft, disrupting growth. A quick buff removes the hair from the skin.

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Dermatologist Dr. Fiona Wright evaluated these devices for us and says they’re good for maintaining, but patients should see a doctor for a first treatment. “They can just treat themselves at home, and only come in if they don’t get the results that they’re looking for”.
The machines are pricey, they range from $250 to $700 and dermatologists say they don’t pack the punch that their machines do.

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