Nono hair removal as seen on TV

I absolutely love Nono! It’s a revolutionary at home product that is quick, it’s painless, it’s easy. And I have less hair growth, it’s thinner, it’s less coarse, it’s not as dark….it’s a miracle!

With Nono, you can do it when you want, and you’re doing it yourself so you do have that privacy.

You get a professional result from using it. It’s not painful, there’s not a lot of preparation….it’s wonderful!

If I’m gonna pay for something, I want to make sure it’s gonna work. And I’m gonna see the results. With Nono, it works, and you see the results instantly.

The great thing about the Nono hair removal is that it’s been shown scientifically to have an effect similar to what lasers accomplish in the dermatologist office. Nono is not painful. It provides painless, efficient hair removal in a home settting.

I really think that Nono will become mainstream hair removal. It’s really easy to use, all you do is just have to follow the instructions… means go, so that’s pretty easy for me to understand. Like an hour or so later, I was Nono-ing everything!

I love that Nono really offers the results that you would get having to outsource your hair removal. Basically if you want to get electrolysis which I’ve tried, and didn’t work, and waxing, which I’ve tried and it grows back, you have to make an appointment and it’s expensive. And let’s be honest, I really dread the hours going up to that appointment!

People have so many other things to do in the day, and nono really respects that. And it encourages people to just live their own life, and hair removal doesn’t have to be such a burden. It’s really on your own terms. With nono you can do it anywhere, you don’t have to worry about soap and water, or shave gel or shaving cream. It’s really so easy, all you need is Nono and the buffer, and you’re good!

Today we’re talking about Nono hair removal, the exciting new breakthrough in hair removal technology. Now one of the best things about Nono is that it works on all hair colors and all skin types. So, what if you have sensitive skin? And you get irritation from shaving, or burns from waxing or depilatory creams. What if you always wanted to have laser hair removal, but you aren’t a candidate?

Joining us today are 6 different women, beautiful women from all walks of life, with different skin tones and different hair colors, and they’ve all tried the Nono. Hello ladies.

I want to start off with Kiersten because we’ve had long discussions on hair removal, I think we’ve tried everything. What did you think about the Nono in comparison? Well I started out with waxing, and what I found out was that if the wax was too hot, I literally would burn off the skin. I’ve also tried those depilatory creams that you talked about, but my hair’s a little bit too coarse to have all the hair removed, so you’ve gotta reapply and reapply and all of that damages the skin. With Nono I don’t have to worry about any of that. And not to mention, I don’t have to wait on the grow back time for the hair…’s like it’s flawless, it’s painless. And in the privacy of your own home, not embarrassing anymore!

So there you have it, men and women all love the Nono hair removal. Nono has changed the way we all think about hair removal!

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