No No Hair Removal Commercial

Hair problems? You shave and you shave and you shave. You get nicks, cuts, and ingrown hair. And then you shave again! A slave to the razor. You wax, painfully ripping out the hair by its root. And sensitive areas like the armpit or bikini area? Just thinking about it makes you cringe! And laser hair removal is simply expensive, and it doesn’t work for everybody.

If you have blonde hair, dark skin, or a tight budget, it’s time for you to say yes to No No Hair removal, the revolutionary hair removal system developed by Radiancy, leaders in light based skin care. No No’s patented Thermicon technology sends a thermal signal to the root, believed to disrupt the communication of regrowth that reduces hair growth over the long term.

In a 6 week clinical study, No No has been shown to reduce hair growth by up to 64%, and the hair that does grow back is finer, and less dense over time. And that’s with no shaving, no waxing, no nicks, cuts, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs!

What the great thing is about No No hair removal is that it’s been shown scientifically to actually have an effect similar to what lasers accomplish in the dermatologist office. No No is not painful, it provides painless and efficient hair removal in an at home setting.

No No is easy to use, pain free, and works in 3 simple steps. Choose the Thermicon tip for either long or short hair. Then glide No No over the skin and buff for a silky smooth finish. Here’s the No No difference. Unlike shaving where the hair is cut, and unlike waxing where the hair is literally ripped out, with No No the hair is removed at the skin’s surface with no pain!

No No hair removal has been featured in many popular magazines as a beauty breakthrough and on television worldwide as the only device that brings professional hair removal technology into your home. And now you can experience the smoothest, silkiest, sexiest results you can only get from No No. And best of all, No No is for everyone! It works for all ages on all hair types and skin colors. There’s no pain, and no hassle! And the best part, you can use No No at home, or take it with you and use it anywhere you go!

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