Hair removal cream review

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about an awesome hair removal products for November that I love. I’m officially declaring this my favorite product of the month.

So this one is called Be Smooth hair eliminator and hair inhibitor with skin conditioning coconut oil. It comes in this massive bottle, and it’s a hair removal cream so it comes out like a lotion from the pump. It’s amazing because it’s unlike any other hair removal product, and I typically don’t like hair removal creams which is why I’m so surprised that I love this. I hate Nair hair removal or anything like Nair, but this is actually quite amazing.

The smell of it isn’t like Nair. It has a little bit of that hair removal cream smell but for the most part, it picks up a lot of the coconut oil fragrance. It works so fast, in about 5 minutes. I use it on my armpit, my bikini line, and my legs.

The first time I used it I wiped all of it off, and I was surprised to notice that it lasts for about 2 weeks. I didn’t get any regrowth like you do with Nair or with shaving. And then when my hair grew back it grew back thinner, it grew back finer. And I didn’t have stubble because you aren’t shaving the hair on your legs off. Also that’s good for my armpit because my armpits always have this big dark circle because of how dark my hair is. But now it’s a lot less noticeable.

It says that you can use it on your face so that’s a plus. I don’t have much facial hair luckily, but if you do, yeah. It definitely beats having somebody pour hot wax all over your bikini line and having it ripped off. This stuff is actually better than waxing for your bikini line because with waxing in my bikini area I would always get ingrown hairs and I actually didn’t get a single ingrown hair. I’ve used this stuff now twice, I use it once every 2 weeks. So thus far I have not had a single ingrown hair, I haven’t had razor burn, I haven’t had any dark regrowth or stubble, it’s really really amazing.

So I love this stuff, and not to mention for the price, I think it was about $30. I think this will probably last me about 2 months. 1 waxing appointment for me is $65, this will last me for about 2 months at $30, and it was buy one get one free so I got 2 bottles for $30….good stuff!

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