Facial hair removal with Epicare

Hi! I wanted to talk to you about different methods of facial hair removal other than waxing, depilatory creams, etc. You’ve probably heard of threading hair removal, which is common in asia, especially India, and it is using a cotton string to remove your facial hair, especially around the eyebrows and upper lip. But it can be pretty pricey when you go out to get it done.

So what you can get instead, this is called Epicare. It’s a spring and what you is you bend it like an upside down U, and you twist it back and forth to remove your facial hair. And what the spring does is it gets in between the hair, it grabs the hair and it twists it out of the pore.

So I’ll just show you, all you do is like this, bend it. And it doesn’t really hurt, just a little pinching, not any worse than waxing. And you just move it around wherever you need to remove the facial hair. You can use it on your upper lip, your chin, side of your cheeks, anywhere on your face basically.

When you use this you want to make sure that your face is clean before and after, because when you remove the hair the pores are exposed and bacteria can get inside and you can get pimples. You want to make sure your face is clean before because if it’s oily, the spring won’t grab the facial hair and the spring won’t pull it out.

I like to use Epicare because you just need to buy it once and you can reuse it as many times as you need. The company suggests that you replace them every 6 months, but I don’t really think that you need to unless you stretched out the spring. You don’t want to stretch out the spring because then it won’t grab the hair to remove it.

How you wash this is you can just stretch it gently and kind of tap it on a hard surface because when you look inside there’s a lot of hair in there. Or you can brush it with a toothbrush to remove the hair but just again, make sure you don’t stretch it too much.

For the hard to reach areas I like to use this. This is a facial hair razor, you can get them at target. This is by Ardel, you can get 3 for $4.00. And it has a protective cover that goes on top so you can store it, this is what the razor looks like. You can just basically gently glide it over your skin wherever you have facial hair. I like to use it mainly between my eyebrows and just to shape them. Makes it a lot easier than tweezing them. When the hair grows back it’s not thick at all so I suggest you try this out!

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