Braun hair removal review 1

Like the Nono hair removal system, the Braun hair removal product is another choice consumers have in their quest for permanent hair removal, check it out!

Hey guys, today I’m going to be showing you the new item I picked up last night, and it is the Braun hair removal silk expressive epilator.

So that’s the epilator right there. And it’s pretty cool, it’s got a 2 speed function, you just push it up. And it’s got a little light, so if you missed any patches of hair, you’ll be able to see with that. And this is how you release it, you can swap the heads. It’s a white plastic thing here and it’s full of glitter but you can’t really see. That’s what’s inside the box.

This is the Braun pre epilation wipes made by Olay. And there’s 6 in there, it says designed to prepare your skin for gentle epilation. Basically, you take one out and then wipe around the area that you use the epilator on, and then wait 30 seconds then you’re good to go. So you use this if you want a dry epilation on your hair. You can get more of these at

There’s also a little bag that you put the epilator in. And there’s all these different heads. There’s that one, which I guess would be for bigger areas of hair. That which would be for smaller areas, maybe under the arms or something. This is for extra small areas, so maybe the facial area. Then there’s a little brush to clean the epilator. And then there’s a shaver and a trimmer which is cool, so instead of using the epilator itself to rip the hair out, you can use just the shaver to shave your legs or something. So you can select shave or trim with that and use the little dial. And that comes off. And then the power cord and charger for it, the Braun hair removal advertiser thing, the warranty, and the instruction booklet.

Ok, so basically the lady that sold this to me said that you can use this in the shower or dry, which is a bonus. It’s supposedly the most gentle epilator ever. It’s the newest one to the Braun range, and this particular brand is supposedly the #1 best seller in the world like the epilators.

She told me it’s always best to have a shower before you’re going to use it if you want to use it dry. Have a shower first so the pores are opened up and it’s less painful. So we’ll be trying it very soon, I haven’t used it yet so I’m very excited to try it.

I picked it up last night, the price I’m pretty sure was around, $179 or $199, they had a sale so I got 15% off, and then I got my staff discount on top of that, so I got another 10 or 15% off, I’m not quite sure. So it ended up being about $150 or $145, something like that. Sorry not very good at math! I had it for only like a month or so, not even, and my mom helped me pay it off.

I’m really eager to try it, I’ve never used an epilator before. Many people that I’ve spoken to said that they really really hurt, but eventually you get used to it. So yeah, I’m just gonna see how it goes with this one. They said there’s a 30 or 60 day trial to use it and if you’re not fully satisfied with the product, if it doesn’t work for you or it hurts too much or whatever, you just write to Braun, and you obviously have to give a really good reason as to why you don’t want it, and then they supposedly give you your money back. So that’s pretty cool, I’m gonna try it for that amount of time. If I find I don’t like it, then I’ll probably write to Braun and see how it goes.

It is a rechargeable one so you don’t need batteries for it, you just charge it like I showed ou with the charger. That’s the picture of what you get with it. It has a pivoting head, so it moves backwards and forwards, which is cool. And apparently it has a massaging system. The lady showed me these little teeth here that move around, and it’s supposed to massage your skin while it’s epilating, while it’s pulling the hair out because it makes it a little less painful.

So that’s pretty much it, I will be doing a review once I start using it, I will wait a couple weeks after using it so I fully know what I’m talking about. So that is the Braun hair removal silk expressive epilator.

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