Best Hair Removal Products

When your summer wardrobe consists of shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits, hair removal is an absolute must. Michelle Maddok is the founder of and she’s here with the best at home hair removal products to get you beach ready in no time!

A lot of different options this time around, you’re gonna kind of enlighten us as to what we can do at home, a lot of things are a lot less expensive, and easier to use. Right, so we all know how to shave by this point in our life probably, but lets make the shaving more luxurious.

These are 2 moisturizing shaving creams for women. This is eos, it’s so moisturizing you can use it dry. And this is skin milk, it’s also very moisturizing and it’s milk based so it’s got a lot of milk proteins and vitamins for your skin. Cleans up all that we know are bad for our skin in the summer, sun, surf, salt, all that.

Also in the shower, as long as you’re in there we all know about Nair hair removal. Well this is better because you know Nair how we used to have to stand around for 10 minutes and wait? So now you can get in the shower and it’s ok if it gets wet. Because it doesn’t come off until you take it off with a sponge. So it’s about 4 minutes on in the shower, do your hair, do all that stuff, so it’s still working while you’re in the shower.

Waxing can get expensive, especially if you have to keep going back, doing it over and over again. These are some other options too. You can do your at home waxing, this is from Avon. This is a microwaveable wax, you just put it in the microwave and you put it on, rip it off, it comes with all the stuff, all the oils, all the soothing. It’s a great way to save some money by not going to the spa.

Some people who are sensitive to waxing may have never heard of sugaring hair removal. Sugaring is from a spa called Shobha, you can buy it online, and it is an all natural mixture of lemon juice and sugar. It washes off, it’s more gentle than waxing, and you use these denim strips to get it off. You can use the strips and they’re eco friendly because you can wash them and reuse them, over and over again. Now plucking and pulling, and everything else in between!

We can’t all afford laser hair removal , laser is very expensive, so this is a kind of at home laser experience. It uses heat to remove the hair, you actually will smell the hair burning, it does not hurt, and it make the hair grow back slower because it attacks the hair follicle, it’s called the No No Hair Removal system. And I have to ask, is this easy to use? Because you’re talking about the heat and hair. You need to read the directions, but it’s actually easier than it sounds.

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And this right here is an all inclusive hair removal kit. This is from Bliss, and this is the Philips to maintain you between appointments, so there’s an eyebrow groomer, there’s an epilator, there’s a shaver for your bikini area, it makes things last so you can extend the time you have to spend your money on the spa.

And speaking of extending the time, you have a couple hair removal products here to help us prepare and repair. Right, so we don’t want to get ingrown hairs when we’re wearing these nice summer clothes. So you can use a cloth, Shobus sells an exfoliating natural cloth, again washable. You can use a scrub, this is Soap and Glory, it’s a moisturizing scrub used in the shower, based on sugar. Or you can use something which is chemically based, the whish, it’s got acid in it which helps exfoliate the skin.

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