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nono hair removalNote – this is just a user review for the No No hair removal system so if you’re looking for the NoNo hair removal product site,

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Hey it’s Elaina, and I’m finally getting around to that No No hair removal review I’ve been talking about (it’s about time huh!).

If you’re new to my Nono hair removal blog here’s a little about me – I’m a single mom on a budget, so I’m reluctant to spend money on expensive permanent hair removal techniques like laser hair removal, electrolysis, etc. Instead, I use at home hair removal methods that are easier, cheaper, and much more convenient for the average consumer. I’ve made it somewhat of a hobby to test out different hair removal products such as the NoNo hair removal (of course!), Gigi hair removal, and the Braun hair removal , among others.

Before I bought Nono hair removal, most of the reviews I saw were pretty one-sided, so I’m going to try to be thorough here and discuss both the positive and negative aspects for the NoNo hair removal system so you can make an informed decision before buying.

Something I should point out first is that the new No No Hair Removal 8800 series model CAN be used for facial hair removal, not just body hair! If you’re interested in using Nono hair removal on your face, check out the Nono hair removal video review by soap star Kassie Dapaiva. No No hair removal is also perfectly fine for the bikini area (and highly effective!). Just make sure to be careful around the more sensitive parts down there, as with any other hair removal products. So just to be clear – No No hair removal face? YES! No No hair removal bikini? YES! In fact, NoNo hair removal handles your entire body!


NOTE: Although the new NoNo hair removal 8800 series can be used on the face, the older models from a couple years ago have not been approved for facial hair removal. So if you happen to buy one of the older nono hair removal models on ebay or somewhere else, you will want to keep that in mind! FYI – all nono hair removal product links on this page point to the new No No Hair Removal 8800 series face-friendly model so you can be sure you’re getting the best facial hair removal for women device on the market!


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No no hair removal

First impressions

First off, I bought the No No hair removal system back in May for $250.  As of today I’ve been using it for over 6 months now, and I use it for my legs, armpits, and bikini area. I’m a latina woman and my leg hair gets fairly dark and coarse, so I’d say I’m a pretty good test subject. When I first tried out the NoNo hair removal device, I was absolutely delighted to see that it was completely painless! I’m a total wuss when it comes to razor burn or any kind of pain involved with hair removal, so this was a definite plus for me (MUCH better than waxing!). Nono hair removal uses heat, so it feels a little warm when you apply it to your skin. Something else I noticed is a little bit of a smell. The No No hair removal device uses something called thermicon technology to burn and crystalize the hair, and it does get a tad stinky. Not an overpowering or unbearable smell, but it’s noticeable. The smell goes away pretty quick though when you rub the crystalized hair away with the included buffer.


An important thing to note is that the first couple times I used the No No hair removal device it did take some time. I do my legs, armpits, and bikini area all at once and that took about an hour each time I used it for the first couple weeks (twice per week). Some users might not like having to spend an hour per session for the first 4 or 5 times using No No hair removal , but as your overall hair growth reduces it will take less time. And trust me…..if you stick with it the results are well worth it. It also might be worth noting that my sessions using nono hair removal only take about 15 minutes now to cover my legs, armpits, and bikini area. 15 minutes every 7-8 weeks aint too shabby, especially when you compare it to shaving every other day!

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As you use NoNo hair removal, you’ll gradually spend less and less time with it

because your overall hair growth will reduce by a significant amount. After 3 months I only needed to use No No hair removal about once every 6 weeks, and as of today my last time using it was almost 2 months ago…..and my legs are still smooth! When my hair does grow back it’s finer now and a lot less dense, meaning less hairs grow back than before using Nono hair removal. I would say that their claim of 90% reduction in hair growth is pretty accurate, provided that you use no no hair removal consistently for at least 2 months or so. One other thing I’d like to add is that NoNo hair removal is terrific for getting rid of ingrown hairs. When I used a razor before on my bikini area it caused ingrown hairs and the dreaded bumpy rash, but this problem is gone completely with using the No No hair removal system.

Nono Hair Removal pros:

  • Nono hair removal is pain free
  • good results/smooth legs
  • no more ingrown hairs or bumpy rash
  • only need to use Nono hair removal once every 7-8 weeks after consistent use
  • overall hair growth reduced greatly
  • No no hair removal gives similar results to laser hair removal, but is MUCH cheaper
  • Nono hair removal gives better results than other at home systems like Braun hair removal and Gigi hair removal.

No No Hair Removal cons:

  • Nono hair removal crystallizes the hair (pro!) but it can be a little stinky
  • takes a long time to use the first few weeks
  • somewhat expensive

Does No No Hair Removal Work?

Yes! The bottom line is if you’re sick of shaving every other day, the NoNo hair removal system is an absolute no brainer. I’ll remind you again, after using nono hair removal since this summer I now only need to use it ONCE EVERY 8 WEEKS. Personally, I don’t miss shaving at all! Nono hair removal is a tad pricey, though less than the cost of a few waxing sessions….and without the pain! Definitely a viable cheaper alternative to professional permanent hair removal services. From what I understand the price of  Nono hair removal keeps fluctuating, but if you’re lucky you can get it for a good price. They do also offer a month long free trial use of Nono hair removal for just the cost of shipping, so if you’d like to try it out first you can click the link below

Click here for the No No hair removal trial offer

no no hair removal

Classic NoNo hair removal device vs. the new NoNo hair removal 8800

A while back I posted a NoNo hair removal video review done by Heidi, a fellow NoNo hair removal user. That video is considered one of the best NoNo hair removal reviews out there, and it looks like Heidi made another great follow up video so I’m posting that here as well. She talks about the differences between the classic NoNo hair removal vs. the new NoNo hair removal 8800 model and her own experience with the device, including nono hair removal face use .  She also addresses some frequently asked questions about NoNo hair removal and makes sure to emphasize ( like I always do!) that the new NoNo hair removal 8800 model CAN be used on the face. So check out the Nono hair removal video review and enjoy!

Almost 2 years ago, I did a review on a NoNo hair removal product that I had bought almost 3 years ago (something like that, give or take). And I really liked the device and felt like after using it for about a year there were things I had learned about it that I thought would be helpful to someone that was thinking about buying it, so I did that video.

I am amazed to this day how many views that nono hair removal video has received and how many questions I get on almost a daily basis on the No No hair removal device. People have asked me if I have the newer NoNo hair removal 8800 model, what my results are, and a lot of the same questions. So I thought I would do a follow up to that video. I’ve been promising it for months so I figure it’s time to go ahead and do it.

The video that I did originally was on the classic NoNo hair removal  model, and I have the new model now. This is the NoNo hair removal 8800, so if you watch a demo today, this is the one that you’re gonna see.

The original one , I read the instructions when I got it and it said that it was not recommended for use on the face. And so I said that in the video and I have received so much flak for that because people watch the demonstrations on the newer no no hair removal model which is recommended for the face and they argue with me.

Ok, the original one was not recommended for use on the face. I did use no no hair removal on my face and it worked brilliantly. I loved it, in fact, that’s one of my favorite places to use it. But I wasn’t gonna recommend that you do that because if there was something about this thing that I didn’t know and someone ended up getting hurt or I don’t know what, I didn’t wanna be responsible for that. So I just went with the instructions that came with the classic nono hair removal device, but yes it works great on the face.

This is the new nono hair removal, the difference is it’s basically the same, it’s just taller and thinner. It’s cordless which is fantastic, you just charge this up, so you don’t have to buy batteries or anything. And Nono hair removal doesn’t have to be plugged in when you use it which is fantastic. And it has a display which shows how much battery you have left and how much time you have left on your hot blade.

The No No hair removal thermicon hot blades are the same, this looks like the long hair blades from the original NoNo hair removal . The original had long hair blades and short hair blades. I hated the short hair blades, they didn’t work for me at all. But I really liked the long hair blades so I’m happy that the new no no hair removal just has that style. It has narrow ones that I’m sure are intended to use on the face and it has wider ones that cover more area and are better for arms and legs. Frankly, I just leave this one in and I use it all over so yeah, you do what you want.

People ask me all the time where to buy NoNo hair removal , how much it costs, and how much the thermicon hot blades are and how long they last. As far as where to buy it, that’s up to you the consumer, really you need to find a place that has A) a price that you like and B) a return policy that you can live with should you feel that it doesn’t work for you and you need to return it, so that’s up to you.

I chose HSN because I had watched a lot of the No No hair removal demonstrations and they also had a payment plan where I paid $50 a month for 5 months so it was $250 and that worked out better for me. Is that expensive? Well, No No hair removal is as close to laser hair removal as I’m gonna get. Laser hair removal is thousands of dollars. That’s not gonna happen, so compared to that, nono hair removal is very inexpensive. Yes, it’s more expensive than, say a pack of disposable razors, but disposable razors don’t have the long term effects that No No hair removal does, so I think that what you’re getting this is very reasonable.

The thermicon hot blades, you usually get 3 in a pack, $25 to $29, each blade is supposed to last a month. I find that they last a lot longer than that, I mean I will use them until the thing pretty much does nothing before I throw the hot blades away. Probably longer than I’m supposed to use them but it works for me so whatever. I only buy replacements once or twice a year and they last me a long long time.

Now NoNo hair removal is supposed to be used twice a week for 6 weeks, at least when you initially get it and then you can use it as often as you want. I still have hair, people ask me all the time if I’m completely hair free, no, I’m not. I do have less hair, so I feel like it’s been worth it, but I do still have hair.

Nono Hair Removal is pain free!

People as me if NoNo hair removal hurts, it does not hurt. I did say that I had burned myself once, the way that you can avoid getting burnt is when you’re using No No hair removal you go along your skin, and you can see when it turns on. This is what it looks like, you can see the little red line, hopefully you can see that. When you’re moving it along your skin, lift it off. Don’t stop with it on your skin. But make a swipe and then lift it off and you’ll never burn yourself. I think I burnt myself once, it was on my knee, it was very superficial and it was gone the next day. So it’s really not a big deal. Even if you do burn yourself it’s not gonna be a big deal. You nick yourself worse using razors, so no big deal.

So NoNo hair removal doesn’t hurt, I do still have hair but I have less….armpits and bikini, I get that question so often. I really wish I could say it worked great on my underarms, but for me it does not, and I can only guess that it’s because my armpits are concave. The hair doesn’t grow straight out, it kind of grows sideways so it’s really hard for me to get the hair in contact with the hot blade. I would almost need somebody to stand there and hold the skin taught and someone else to run No No hair removal over and that’s not gonna happen. So I just shave under my arms. I’ve tried so many times and I don’t get the results that I would like under my arms so it’s fine, no big deal.

NoNo hair removal works on the face!

I love NoNo hair removal face use, it gets all the peach fuzz off. I love it on my arms, I love No No hair removal on my legs. I’ve not shaved my legs in 2 and a half years, something like that. I really like that because when you use a faux tan product, the shaving removes the product. You work so hard to try to get everything smooth and even in color and natural looking. And then you shave a couple times and you basically shave off the tan so that used to drive me crazy. That was a big reason that I bought the No No hair removal device.

Bikini area….you have to do what you feel comfortable doing. Now when I say bikini area, I’m talking about the skin that shows when you’re wearing underwear or a bathing suit. If you wanna use nono hair removal where the sun don’t shine, that’s completely up to you. Would I recommend it? No, I would not recommend it. I don’t think that you’re gonna get the results that you think you’re gonna get and I think that you might just hurt yourself. So I would say not worth it, but that’s up to you and that’s all I’m gonna say about that. You’d be surprised some of the questions I get about that.

Does NoNo hair removal get your skin completely smooth? Now I have fine hair. It’s light, it’s not coarse. NoNo hair removal removes most of the hair. And when the hair grows back (I need to say this before I forget) , when the hair grows back, it grows back softer. When you shave, the hair gets a blunt edge that is coarse when you feel it, when you run your hand over your hair. If it’s been shaved, it’s more coarse feeling. So I will actually have hair grow back on my legs and I don’t even really notice it until it’s like crazy long and I really need to do something about it right away.

It just grows back softer. Over time with using nono hair removal I have less hair and it grows back softer so I feel like the benefits outweigh the price or the time that I have to spend using it. I think you should have realistic expectations. If you buy NoNo hair removal , you’re gonna have to expect to spend some time removing the hair. And nono hair removal is not gonna remove every single hair. You’re still gonna want to probably use some other hair removal method in addition to No No hair removal.

Now on the demo that I saw recently, they were using NoNo hair removal and the girl was saying that she still shaved once in a while. She didn’t have to shave as often, but she still shaved. I don’t want to shave, so I use an epilator along with nono hair removal. And the one that I use (because people ask me all the time) is this Panasonic, it’s called the ES 2065. What I like about this epilator is you can use it in the shower or the bath, it’s completely submersible. It has 3 heads that spin like that. So it gets the hair growing in all different directions. But most importantly, it has these little cups around that holds the skin taught because when your skin is pulled, if the skin is not held taught when you’re epilating, the skin gets irritated and that’s when you get the little red bumps. So if you can hold the skin tight when you’re epilating, the hair gets pulled and the skin does not. You remove the hair but you don’t get the little red bumps.

Nono Hair Removal is a winner!

So I use the NoNo hair removal device, it gets rid of most of the hair, it treats the hair more importantly. And whatever’s left, I use the epilator to get my skin nice and smooth. But I haven’t had to shave in 2 and a half years.

So I think overall, NoNo hair removal is a really good device. I think that it gives you long term results, which I really like. And it also extends the life of your faux tan, which I also like. And I think that covers about all of the most frequently asked questions that I get. I hope that you found it interesting and helpful. If you have any other questions about No No hair removal , please leave them and I’ll be happy to answer them thanks for watching my NoNo hair removal reviews!

nono hair removalNo!No! Hair Removal

4 Stars

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